Thank you for browsing to my blog!
Here is a little bit about me

My name is Johann and I live in South Africa. Yes, there is quite a large number of caucasians in Africa 🙂 I am a Christian. I don’t do religion, I have a relationship with my Lord. I am not judgemental (how can I be? I am only human), and I am very understanding and open-minded.

I work in IT and have various interests and hobbies, incnluding photography, music, medicine, science, computers, cars, fashion, and writing.

I am a volunteer paramedic.

I have a Jack Russell Pitbull cross named Kaiser, and he is an awesome little dog.

I love Apple products.

I love science fiction and I even write science fiction stories. I am not published, yet.

I love food and healthy living (although I can do with a bit more gym time :).

I am currently learning how to speak German, and I must say I am doing quite well 🙂

My family heritage traces back all the way to Prussian Germany in the late 1700’s, with my ancestor born in The Great Castle in Blankenburg.

But at the end of the day I am South African, born and raised. I really love this country, and there is so much work to be done here. No rest for a well-meaning and industrious Kaiser 🙂


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