Spotted Owl

A few days ago my dad asked me to take pictures of a spotted owl which was errrr spotted in a tree up the road.  Dad then sent it to the Local Focal (a small publication for our area), which then made it into the Kempton Express. Here are the scans of the article in the Kempton Express, and an edited version of the pic (Dad sent his copy into the Local Focal).




One response to “Spotted Owl

  1. I used to work at Kempton Express and I lived nearby where there were lots of owls. We lived near a bird sanctuary – a protected area. The owls naturally use this land as a feeding area as it it made up of pans which dry up in summer, supplying much of their food then. Lots of these owls are killed by aircraft flying in too low, Pilots tend to do this in South Africa to provide their customers with the most stunning views of this beautiful country from the air. A while ago it was suspected that a developer was poisoning the owls as they wanted to build on the pan sites – a very controversial story never made the press
    There are many breeds of owls in this area, you should speak to the SPCA manager she is very well briefed on the wildlife in this area and she is always happy to chat about the animals and birds she loves so much.

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