Blogging about not blogging

Moments ago I was saying that I need to write a new blog post, but didn’t know what to write about. So a buddy suggested that I blog about not having anything to blog about.

A strange concept at first, but it kinda makes sense in a paradoxical way.

It’s also making me think of all aspects of my life, and all the things which have been happening in the past couple of weeks, and trying to compile something worthwhile from it into a blog post.

Admittedly things have been on the manic side, with many different types of work (business and technical) and EMT exams happening, having had an operation on my ear and nose, been ill with nagging sick feelings (yeah, those you really can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, you just feel bad all the time), work work and then some more work…

Right now I can really do with a looooong holiday with doing nothing whatsoever. Two weeks at least. No phones, no email, no standby, no problems, no tests and exams, no schedule. Just two weeks of freedom.

So let’s have a look at what happened in the past couple of months
1. I built and configured an awesome Microsoft HPC cluster
2. We migrated an entire EVA disk array to a 3Par array
3. I upgraded my phone from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4
4. I sailed through the theory of the Basic Ambulance Assistant course I am doing
5. I have scored really high and have done really well with the tests in the BAA course
6. I have learnt some really cool skills
7. I have passed my ITIL version 3 Foundations exam with 90%
8. I started the whole Microsoft certification thing again and scored 90% on the first exam
9. Had a very satisfactory pay increase
10. Proved that you can get great mileage if you drive properly (1000km on 55 liters of petrol)
11. I celebrated the first birthday of Kaiser Jr.
12. Scored really well in my performance review (which means that I am getting a bonus yay!)

And now as I am writing this blog post I am trying to think of something profound, like a lesson I have learnt. I actually can’t think of anything!

Perhaps the lesson to learn is that there isn’t always a lesson to be learnt, that you just need to relax sometime and enjoy the break time in the school of life.

I guess that there isn’t always a lesson, just like you can blog about not blogging.
Now before I confuse myself I think I should just sign off and say good night 🙂

So it turned out that I actually could blog about something. Sweet.


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