My adventure into the world of EMS begins

This whole new adventure has come down a very long path, and it has been brewing in my head and heart for years now.

I wanted to study medicine when I left school, but due to financial limitations I couldn’t. I then did the next-best thing, IT. I have progressed quite far in the IT industry, and I am currently on Solution/Technical Architect level.  Work is quite stressful and at times I am so frustrated because I just don’t have enough time to do everything I should be doing.  Combine that with standby and other crises (which pop out of the woodwork without warning), you have a ticking time bomb, either imploding into a heart-attack, or exploding into a “going postal” incident.

After a very stressful and emotionally draining weekend of technical difficulties and challenges, an issue so large and significant that I almost thought that I will be fired, I finally put my foot down. I want need a career change.  I am no longer happy in IT. Quite frankly, I never really were happy all the time. It is just a means to an end. My source of income every month. My life has no meaning, and I feel that I am chasing after the same issues around and around in a big, convoluted, process-filled, time-consuming, and energy-sapping circle.

I always say “Aw man, I wanna do that” when I see paramedics and emergency room physicians on TV save lives. I want to make a difference, and if I can do it medically that would be great.  As I don’t have the luxury of studying medicine full-time, and because I also don’t have the financial capabilities to do so, I have decided to become a paramedic.  Some people may think that I am compromising, but I don’t think so. After some careful thought and considerations, I think I will be happier being a paramedic / emergency critical care person, than a GP or surgeon. I thrive on the adrenaline and action, and again, it sounds like I am contradicting myself. Yes, IT has stress, and so does EMS, but they are different. I would rather save the lives of people than the data on a server. EMS is way more rewarding that IT. I want to work with people. Doing what you like and what you love removes a great portion of the stress, or at the very least make you more capable of dealing with it.  I don’t know if this makes sense, but in my reality it does 🙂

I have booked my first aid level 1 training, and thereafter I will be doing the Basic Ambulance Assistant course part-time. My boss has been really great and supportive about this, and they are willing to accommodate me by changing my office hours so that I can make it to the training.

Initially, once I have my BAA, I will only be working part-time, as the income for a BAA level medic isn’t great (sad, I know – these guys deserve so much more). I need 1 000 shift hours experience before I can apply for the ILS level training.

I am very excited, and this is something totally new! Watch this space for more updates.


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