Friday Morning Rant

On my way to work today I encountered a few things which really annoyed me.

On the Gautrain, approaching Sandton station, I neared the train exit so that I am ready to bolt for the escalators as soon as the door opened, and there he was, Mr. Gautrain Security Guard, lazily reclining on his back against a partition in the train. What the hell? Doesn’t anyone employ people who are able to keep their balance, any more? What is happening to this world, where the people who are supposed to be respected by the people they serve, and feared by the wrongdoing people they have to stop, lounge around the train as if they are rebellious teenagers all high on glue? The tourists and international visitors probably think that South Africans have not yet evolved to walking upright.

Then, walking to the office, I was forced to walk in the road.  Generally this is not a problem, but as this is South Africa, and we have crazy, illiterate, gangsta types driving unroadworthy taxis, it is not safe at all to step off the pavement. Heck, sometimes it’s not even safe on the pavement!

I was forced to walk in the road because the City of Johannesburg decided to dig up the sidewalk to do cabling for some city-wide wireless project.  This coming after the other side of the road was dug up and put back together like a blind person would play Tetris.  To top it all there were workers standing around doing nothing, and just talking about who-knows-what.  I was so annoyed that I looked at two of them and told them to get back to work.  That didn’t go down well.


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